Accomodation advise for Sochi 2014 Olympics

Discussion in 'Russia' started by VacationBuddy, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. VacationBuddy

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    Don't be scammed into paying over the odds for a hotel room. I am hearing some people have been quoted in excess of $600 per night at some of the hotels in Krasnaya Polyana. Be in the know that hotels in Russia cannot charge extortionate amounts of money like $600 per night, even during events like Sochi 2014 Olympics!

    According to the federal legislation of hotels in Russia a single room in a 1*/ 2* hotel cannot cost more than $100 (3,000 rubles) per night. A room in a 3* hotel no more than $300, and a room in a 5* hotel no more than $500.
  2. haydays

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    I am seeing alot of people panicking to book accommodation and paying too much....if I was you I would wait to book rooms after hotels release the rooms that weren’t utilized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) so you get a decent room at a decent price.
  3. GereIam

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    Regarding accommodation for Sochi Olympics, I heard that cruise liners will be turning some of the their fleets into floating hotels for the duration of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Prices will start at around 110 euros a day for a three-star rated double cabin...anyone considering this option?
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    Accommodation is in short supply but the new hotels like Solis Sochi Hotel and Solis Sochi Suites still have availability during the Paralympics, 7-16 March.

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