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Discussion in 'Croatia' started by helloworldbea, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. helloworldbea

    helloworldbea New Member

    I'm doing a little research before hopping on a plane --- tell me, what kind of activities can I expect if I go to Croatia?
  2. Lynnie81

    Lynnie81 Moderator

    You should look at the webpage all about Croatia. This give a good description and should show you what to expect. You haven't mentioned where in Croatia you are going to but there is also a page on Dubrovnik that you should read.
  3. businessworld

    businessworld New Member

    helloworldbea, even if Croatia go on and win it, it would not ease my pain an iota, I still just have to remind myself that we were beaten into 3rd place by the mediocre Rusians.
    Whilst footie has been of an average standard for the majority of games, I can see a scenario (if we had qualified) where our footie was stand head and shoulders over everything else as the worst shite on display.
  4. redgeek

    redgeek New Member

    Activities - football, water sports, walking in mountains... A lot of them

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