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    Historical landmarks, coupled with the natural beauty of Guam, offer numerous sights of interest. Latte, which served as foundation pillars for the thatched huts of the Chamorros, are found in parks and out-of-the-way jungle areas. The graceful remains of Spanish buildings, the Plaza De España, and stone bridges may be seen in Hagåtña, Guam’s capital. In other locations throughout the island, the Spanish influence is clearly visible in the architectural design of Guam’s southern homes and villages.

    The list of Guam’s attractions is virtually endless. Here are descriptions of some of our most famous landmarks awaiting exploration.

    Getting Around:

    Most hotels have courtesy vehicles for airport transfers. Hotel hotline telephones are located at the airport outside the customs exit.

    Major international and local car rental firms operate from counters at the airport, in hotel lobbies, and other locations around the island. Rates are comparable to the U.S. and most companies accept major credit cards. A valid U.S. or international driver’s license is required.

    Mass transit service is provided by the Guam Mass Transit Authority (Guam Mass Transit Authority). The Guam Mass Transit Authority currently operates buses on nine routes, connecting nearly all of the villages of the island.

    Taxis are readily available at all hotels and major shopping centers. All taxis have regulated meters. As of 2000, the standard flag rate was $1.80, $3.00 for the first mile, and $0.60 every 1/4 mile thereafter.

    In addition to Guam Mass Transit Authority, transportation is available to select areas by transportation through their bus route. Transportation on the line includes most major shopping centers as well as the hotels along Tumon and Hagåtña. To identify pick-up and drop-off points, look for the bus signs at designated points.

    For information on bus schedules and rates, contact:

    Island Reservations
    Tel: (671) 649-0725 Fax: (671) 649-0728

    Kloppenburg Enterprises
    Tel: (671) 649-1941 Fax: (671) 649-3253

    Lam Lam Tours & Transportation
    Tel: (671) 649-5314/5 Fax: (671) 646-6256

    Optional tours:

    Bicycling, Go-kart racing, snorkeling, swimming, jogging, walking, and bowling are other sporting activities easily accessible at or near your hotel. Visitors who seek a less vigorous recreation can choose to unwind in a hotel spa, go to a dog race, watch movie or baseball games, visit gameworks, or simply relax on one of beaches. Sunbathing by day or strolling by moonlight, Guam has something to suit every mood.

    For those who like to trek through nature trails, boonie stomping, camping, hiking, and jungle tours are a great way to see the island.

    For more information, contact:

    Department of Parks & Recreation
    490 Chalan Palasyo Street
    Agana Heights, Guam 96910
    Telephone: 475-6296/7
    Facsimile: 477-0997

    Boonie Stomping: Call (671) 653-2897 for more Info.

    Water Activities

    Water sports are, without a doubt, Guam’s finest offering. Visitors who come to Guam to enjoy the island’s ocean playground can choose from a full range of activities that will take them either over or under the surface of Guam’s inviting tropical seas.

    Located at the edge of the Marianas Trench, Guam is renowned for its vivid turquoise lagoons, deep sea currents and water clarity. Between December and May, visibility is as much as 150 feet. During the wet season, visibility is as great as 60 feet. The average water temperature is 85°F (27°C) year-round.

    Whatever kind of diving interests you have – photography, spear fishing, wreck and reef diving, or just a relaxing day admiring tropical fish and coral in crystal clear waters –Guam can provide it.

    Jet ski, windsurfing, sea kayak, and other water-sports equipment, and lessons are available at some of the hotels. Several companies offer sport facilities in Tumon Beach, Cocos Island, Hagatña, and other parts of the island.

    Water tours are an instant escape from land activities. You can take riverboat trips with a group or paddle by yourself in a kayak. Dolphin watching is a popular way of enjoying Guam’s marine life to include seeing jumping spinner dolphins. A dive in a submarine will get you a closeup look at the island’s teeming fish and plant life. Or, try one of the two semi-submersible boats that can take you to some of the best marine sites around Guam. For those that don’t want to descend through Guam’s waters, there’s a giant aquarium where you can see fish feeding in their natural habitat.

    Before you head out to the beach, be sure to familiarize yourself with any local marine life which may be dangerous. Stings, bites and scratches can spoil the best of dives. It’s also a good idea to wear long pants and cotton gloves if you are new to Guam’s underwater world. And, don’t forget the sunscreen! Stiff penalties are imposed for taking live coral, so please take a camera instead.

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