Adiyat Annual Touring schedule ‘09 in Syria

Discussion in 'Syria' started by amagribi, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Hi there!

    “Adiyat†The Archaeological Society of Aleppo, has recently released its annual Schedule'09 of Visiting and Touring in Aleppo and most Syrian Attractions.
    Interested to join us in these informative tours, you can drop me a line and I’ll be glad to help you.
    Please notice that all the tours in Aleppo are FREE.
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    The city of Aleppo is the oldest city of Syria, but a vibrant and entertaining tourist place. It has a wonderful museum and historical sites. I did my Turkey & Syria tour few years back and reached Aleppo from Istanbul by 'Toros Express'. My Syria tour was about 7 days and stayed at Aleppo for 2 days. Visited St. Simeon, Roman Ruins, Cathedral, Archaeological museum of Aleppo, Mari, Ugarit and El-Bara. The most interesting sight I liked in Aleppo was the Basilica of St Simeon which is the biggest Christian building. I bought some silver gifts and souvenirs at "Silver Souk". Damascus can be easily reached from Aleppo, there are many daily air-conditioned trains available to Damascus, so I had a comfortable Syria tour and if anyone is planning for Syria tour, then don't miss to visit Aleppo. There are some internal flights running between Damascus and Aleppo, so if you want a comfortable Syria tour, then travel by flight between these 2 cities :) Best Of Luck!

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