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Discussion in 'Italy' started by marie, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. marie

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    As my father's family comes from Tortoreto ibn Abbruzzo, right on the beautiful Adriatic Coast, I am planning a trip there for next year. If anyone has any pointers on things to see, places to "not miss", I sure would appreciate some pointers. We will be there for 4 weeks as I look into family history and visit family gravesites, churches, and long lost cousins.
  2. world trecker

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    I know a couple that spent a couple nights (I think) camping in the Abruzzo National Park and they LOVED it. Myself, I'm not big on camping or the real "outdoorsey" type activities, unlike my friends, but they said even I'd enjoy at least hiking around for a few hours. Personally I've heard great things about the food in that region, especially the seafood, and I would probably spend most of my time eating and savoring the wine! And I am under the impression that nothing brings together long lost relatives than the power of food. Good luck!
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    Hi I'm from Ortona a Mare in Abruzzo Italy. The town is at 36 miles from Tortoreto. Have you already thought where to stay? I've nice apartaments by the sea.
    If you want informations mail to:


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