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    Contrary to what most people may say, Thailand isn't all about partying and backpackers dancing in the moonlight coked out of their heads. Thailand is actually quite a diverse country so if you want parties you can have them, but if you want peace and quiet you can have it too. It just depends on where you go. For instance, Patong is one of the party hotspots in Thailand; while the Krabi region is much less touristy and not as busy.
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    If there’s one word to describe Thailand, it is contradiction. It's like east meets west all in one place. my advice there is to stay somewhere that isn’t full of tourists. You’ll get to see what Thailand is really like for the locals, and you’ll reduce the risk of touts trying to rip you off.
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    If you are from the US, Canada, UK, OZ, NZ you won't need a visa and you'll be able to stay there for 30 days. I also suggest when traveling to Thailand to start in Bangkok. This city is a good intro to Thailand and a good start to get accustomed to the country. Try getting a hotel in either the Khao San Road area or in the Siam or Sukhumvit Road area if you want the use of the Skytrain.
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    Phuket is very touristy but if you travel there in the summer it won't be so busy at the time of year as it's low season. The only drawback about going to Phuket in the summer is that snorkeling may not be possible due to dangerous undercurrents because of monsoon. Phuket is definitely the most expensive place in Thailand.
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    If it's your 1st time in Thailand you have to enjoy every moment of it. I suggest you go to wonderful places and enjoy eating authentic Thai cuisine. Also, to really get the best experience why not explore Bangkok by boat here's how Exploring Bangkok by Boat: What You Need to Know (please delete the link if not permitted).
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    Phuket island is a champion amongst the most acclaimed voyager destinations in Thailand.

    Grasped by its splendid shorelines, white sandy shoreline, clear water and lovely individuals.

    There are different day visits you can pick amidst your escape in Phuket, for example, Phi island snorkeling trip, James bond island ocean vacant kayaking visit, Krabi islands excursion and Coral island visit is the best decision for ocean companions.

    From the island outings to the reach visits you can in like way investigate Phuket island by the back's of elephant by trying elephant trekking or safari visit. At the evening time visit to the kingdom of elephant at Phuket fantasea show up or simply strolling and going by around Patong shoreline to see the nightlife Phuket.

    In the event that you are checking for a comprehensive gatherings that including lodging, air terminal exchange and day visits, we may need to embrace you to plan your adventure ahead of schedule by contact direct to a near to travel master in Phuket to get the best strategy and recovery your time.
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