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Discussion in 'New Mexico' started by 5more2go, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. 5more2go

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    Here's the deal wive and I want to visit New Mexico sometime in summer and the idea right now is to fly to Albuquerque first and spending 2-3 days in Taos, 6 days in Santa Fe and the last 3 days in Albuquerque before flying home to The City. Does that look like a good plan? Any suggestions for day trips or anything else? Thank you
  2. ferrorman

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    itinerary looks good, though I would add maybe 1-2 days in Taos and an extra 1-2 days in Albuquerque instead. As far as day trips, Bandelier National Monument, Ojo Caliente Hot Springs, Tent Rocks National Monument, Pecos Nat Historic Park are some options from Santa Fe, Taos or Albuquerque. Btw, are you used to the high desert? otherwise, it's a good idea to acclimatize first in Taos..
  3. redfox1939

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    You'll get lots of good advice for 10 days. I'd start with flying into ABQ and renting car there. Yes, some mountain roads but nothing very tricky. (Possibly trickier in winter.) Carlsbad is in a completely different direction from everything else and a very long drive. Roswell would not be on my list, with so much else. Maybe first and last night in ABQ, a couple of nights in Santa Fe, a couple in Taos, a couple in Durango, CO. That leaves one or two more nights. See KthSch posts for some great itineraries for all of those places except Durango, only because I don't think he's been there yet. CasaAzul posts for Mesa Verde and Santa Fe, especially. TaosBandBLover for Taos.
  4. gerymutton

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    I second Taos and Los Alamos, as well as a day trip to Bandalier National Monument and Great Sand Dunes National Monument, which is also spectacular. By the way, the mountains in the western part of New Mexico are not particularly interesting compared to the ones in the northern part of New Mexico.

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