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Discussion in 'Guatemala' started by lalmas23, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. lalmas23

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    I am hoping someone could share some light on credit card usage and ATM's in Guatemala. We plan to visit for 23 days so carrying all of it in cash seems unrealistic.

    I would prefer to carry as little cash as possible and use a credit card like Mastercard and American Express, but are they accepted there? Also, as far as withdrawing money out of ATM's in Guatemala..would you advice it?

    Thanks so much!
  2. BirthdayTreat

    BirthdayTreat New Member

    VISA is accepted in Guatemala, but American Express does not seem to be widely accepted there or much of Latin America. VISA is the one to carry since most higher-end hotels accept it but remember they will add on a service charge, which is why you dont want to be using credit cards all that much.
  3. llueve

    llueve New Member

    I am not sure about using the ATMs around the lake in Panajachel, but the ATM's outside Banrural in Santiago and San Pedro are the ones I was told to use (wonder why). By the way, how about taking pre-paid Visa Travel Money cards? you could use one of them to take money out of ATM's and the other one just as credit.
  4. wanderer

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    I would say use your American Express, but have another card for a back up. American Express has some pretty great travel benefits, including travel insurance and a helpline you can call whenever you need it. When I was in France, back in the day, I lost my traveler's checks and they overnighted more to me.

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