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Discussion in 'Honduras' started by Better2know, Nov 5, 2012.

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    We are looking at going to Roatan all inclusive for two weeks next year in April. I've been reading about Roatan and it seems like a great place but I am worried it may be boring being just a stuck at a resort? is snorkeling and water sports the only thing to do there? are there excursions to be done off resort?

    Also, what about drinking water? is it safe to drink? sorry for all the questions..;)
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    snorkeling is great there and water is safe to drink but just like most parts of the caribbean your body needs to adjust to it. One or two weeks wont be enough so you'll need to buy bottled water to wash fruits you buy from the markets, ifor brushing teeth. However, since you're staying at a resort, you should be ok since the use purified water for tourists.
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    what to do in Roatan

    Snorkeling and scuba diving and relaxing by the beach are the main reasons people come here. Roatan isn't like Puerto Rico or Cuba which boast lots of tourist attractions. You can pretty much see the whole island of Roatan in just a few days. However, what Roatan lacks in tourist attractions makes up in outdoor fun. Aside from fun under water, you can book zip lining tours and boat trips to the nearby islands of Utila and Guanaj.

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