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Discussion in 'Argentina' started by Enyoying, May 16, 2013.

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    The taxi fare from Jorge Newberry Aeroparque (AEP) airport to the port ship and back should not cost you than $15. The only time you may run into issues regarding taxis is on the way back from the port to AEP airport. The cab drivers at the pier always overcharge tourists who don't know any spanish. My advice if you're looking for taxi transportation is to call a radio cab or register at the Taxi Premium web site so you can arrange in advance for them to send a cab.
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    Dont know if it's still going on but a few years back I was told of a well-organized taxi scam by the port's union taxis at Buenos Aires port. They basically charge something like $35 when the actual fare is around $7. Of course, if you didnt live in Argentina you wouldn't know how badly you were being ripped off. If it's still taking place, the best thing to do is walk to the next avenue and get a taxi.
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    it should not cost more than 27 Argentine Pesos ($5) from the airport to the cruise port. Radio taxis are probably best since you can arrange a pre-set price before getting on it.
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    Reliable taxi companies are VIP, World, TiendaLeon and TAXIEZE. All three will provide private car transfer to the cruise terminal (fares range from 180 to 210 Argentinian pesos). VIP, World and TiendaLeon accept credit cards and cash; while TAXIEZE only accepts cash (pesos, $'s or euros).

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