AFC Asian Cup in Australia

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    To all of you football fanatics here, one of Asia’s biggest football tournament is taking place in Australia with Australia taking part (bizarrely) in January 2015. Group Match tickets will start from just $15 (Adult) and $5 (Children) but tickets for Australia's group matches will cost more. I think around around $50 for adults and half price for children.
  2. Gingerpan

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    Australia became a member of the Asian Football Confederation about 8 years ago, but I see what you mean. You could class Australia as part of Asia then? Still, it's gonna be a ton of pressure from Australians for their team to win but it's not looking good because Japan beat them 2-1 during a warm up.
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    Here are the groups for the 2015 AFC Asian cup:

    Group A - Australia, Korea Republic, Oman, Kuwait
    Group B - Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Korea DPR
    Group C - Iran, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain
    Group D - Japan, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine

    Looking at it, I must say it does look kinda odd the cup is called "Asian Cup", but teams from the middle east are competing. Yes, Thailand isn't there or India...uhmm
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    I watched this.
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    U.S. vs. Ecuador last night for 2,1 win! Congrats! U.S.

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