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    I am looking for sound advice on booking an African family safari. I mean, has anyone done a family safari that can say is worth every penny? If so, how do i start planning one? is there any restrictions ? and what kind of safaris can we do?
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    Hi there,

    An African family safari is something that your family will never forget. I mean, catching a glimpse of a lion in the bush, or an elephant bathing in a river is an unforgettable experience.

    It is expensive to arrange a family safari but it is worth every penny. First of all, make sure that you are choosing the right safari tour for your wants and needs.

    Many African safaris are family friendly, but since some have age restrictions, so if you have kids 12 and under, you need to plan a more specific family safari.

    One of the most popular type of safaris are Walking safaris, which give you a more authentic feeling of being close to nature, although I wouldn't advice this type of safari if you fave small kids as they're very phisically demanding.

    Then, you have Canoe safaris, though just as enjoyable and unique as the other African safaris, are understandably a bit risky, as well as rather physically strenuous from time to time, so again, they might not be the best fit for your family.

    No matter what you do, the best piece of advice it's to plan ahead and plan well when booking family safari lodges or campsites as they also have age restrictions.
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    When it comes to Family Safari you have to consider an itinerary that will suite all of your family members not forgetting the kids too. Kenya is one of the places you should consider when it comes to family vacation.

    Treat your family with a memorable safari. My suggestions are game drives, balloon air safari,walks,cultural exchanges, and plenty of time for swimming and exploring. Journey with your family through the spectacular game parks of Kenya into the immense, remote wild lands of the Masai Mara.

    Follow the seasonal migration of the wildebeest, beautiful landscapes and thousands on birds in Rift valley. Accommodation in well lodges and campsites will do for your family where you can witness the most extraordinary dramas of the African wilderness. It is worth every penny.

    Good luck.
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    A good question!

    Being in the industry, the best African Family safari holiday is an adventure safari.
    This is because you will have a memorable time in the game parks where you will be able to see great number of wild animals and Birds as well as admiring the beautiful African landscape.

    For vacations In Kenya, This is how you plan your safari holiday.

    1. Get in touch with an informative tour company.
    2. Tell them when you would like to visit the country and for how long are you going to stay for your holiday.
    3. Tell them what you want to see while in your safari.
    4. Tell them your budget so that they schedule the best holiday that best meets your budget.

    The tour company will then reply you and finally take you round the country.

    Best regards,
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    Just a tip:
    Bring plenty of sun cream, some sun glasses and large safari hats (that cover faces) for any children joining your safari as the sun can cause damage to the best of us, especially youngsters.

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