Aibonito Chicken Festival 2013

Discussion in 'Puerto Rico' started by uallcomes, Oct 15, 2013.

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    In four days, a cool festival will be taking place in Puerto Rico. They call it the Chicken Festival (or Festival del Pollo) and it's taking place in the town of Aibonito between October 19 and 20th.

    Aibonito town is about 40 miles south of San Juan and takes about 1hr drive by road. If you can do make it to the festival so you can taste yummy foods like chicken pinchos (kebabs), chicken sausage (longanizas de pollo), and different typical fritters such as alcapurrias, stuffed potatoes (rellenos) and other dishes made with chicken.
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    Aibonito Flower Festival 2014 (Jun 28 - Jul 7)

    Aibonito is such a pleasant town and worth the trip from San Juan.I had the chance to visit it for the annual Flower Festival that normally takes place there in late June. Next year when I visit Puerto Rico again, I am planning to do it during the month of October so I can attend the chicken festival.
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    Aibonito chicken/flower festivals are great but also be sure to check out the area around the town because the mountain sights are majestic with canyons. There's also a place called the "La Trinchera de Asomante", or Asomante trenches used during the spanish/american war.
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    this town is sure bonito

    what's interesting about this place "aibonito" it's how it got its name....I was told by local there that the conquistadors when they came saw this place and shouted "ay que bonito", which means "how beautiful". I'm not sure whether this story may be true but this town is sure bonito!

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