Airbnb and PayPal new Service

Discussion in 'Travel News' started by JMM2, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. JMM2

    JMM2 New Member

    Airbnb and PayPal have come up with the Meet Halfway service, which calculates the midway point between two travelers, refers them to Airbnb for bookings and offers a $50-off discount if paying with PayPal on a reservation over $200 (use the promo code MEETHALFWAY). The special is good through Dec. 31 for travel today through 2016.
  2. Kelsey Ledford

    Kelsey Ledford New Member

    Ugh Airbnb. I've had some really weird experiences with some of the bnb I've been to.
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    That seems like a good idea for Paypal and Airbnb to work together. It's not like you want to give a stranger your bank account information. As Kelsey pointed out, it can be weird. And it's hard to get a place to meet up if you're coming from around the country.
  4. Destinee Hobbs

    Destinee Hobbs New Member

    I have used the services and it worked well for me. I feel safer using paypal because the information is limited compared to using the credit card.
  5. Liza F

    Liza F New Member

    I had been using PayPal for a more secure and safe transaction. Very convenient. I really like it.
  6. vansevans

    vansevans New Member

    What is written here about secure money transfers is absolutely truthful. I’ve never thought my e-wallet can be a target for hackers, as usually I don’t keep huge sums of money there. Nothing of the kind! While being on a business trip in Panama I used a public connection for booking a hotel there when all the money just disappeared from the card and I had to apply for additional financial assistance to the company. From that very moment I promised not to use public Wi-Fi when my network is open. I’ve subscribed for a VPN for hotspots and transfer money or share data without any fear of being traced. Anyway, whatever app you use for money transactions, it must be secured with additional net-protection tools.

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