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    I'd like to share a story of unfortunate experience with Airbnb and their support solutions. Their Facebook page has been very responsive but basically, they direct you to the non-responsive part of #AirbnbCustomerService which is call centers offshore and email responses that takes day for anyone to respond with generic canned comments that do not address the issue. We've been a loyal customer of Airbnb since 2012 with a good reputation. We've had minor instances but have always worked things out directly with the host this is the first instance where a host has materially misrepresented a property.

    We rented an entire apt in Boston the price $900 for 4 nights. There were no kitchen supplies for cooking. The kitchen cupboards were bare, no iron and board, no clothes hangers, the laundry was not in the apartment as would one would expect but two floors beneath and it was coin operated machines. The Kitchen and Laundry are the two major reasons why we use Airbnb versus a #hotel. Not to mention they advertised a lock on bedroom "it didn't work", a dishwasher that will not open without opening the refrigerator, the entry door trash covered and unlocked posing a significant security hazard.

    Airbnb response thus far has been
    BJ at Customer Service says we should have given host a reasonable amount of time to correct the problems. I guess 12 hours is not a reasonable enough amount of time. We cancelled the stay and now#Airbnband will not refund a reasonable amount of money for the cancellation.

    I hope by sharing this that they may do the right thing. If that doesn't happen then at least reconsider that what your booking may be misrepresented and Airbnb will side with the host not the traveler. I would like to give a big thanks to #hoteltonight for the last minute save of our trip.


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