Alaska the 49th State

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by Hawaii 5-0, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Just a little correction on your description of the State of Alaska. It's the 49th State.

    Hawaii is the 50th State.
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    Alaska became a state in 1959, but its story goes back even farther. Alaska history is a fascinating story. The land has been a part of the United States since 1867, when it was brokered in a deal by William Seward, the secretary of state. It was called Seward's Folly, but once gold was discovered, no one called it that any more. It took nearly 100 years for Alaska to become at state.
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    49th State of America

    Alaska is indeed the 49th State but what it's interesting is how the US acquired the state: they actually purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire on late 1900's for $7.2 million, which is around $113 million in today's money. Saying this, Alaska didn't become an organized state until 1959 when it officially became the 49th state of the US

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