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Discussion in 'Alaska' started by sas1, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. sas1

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    I am from Australia and planning to visit Alaska with my family this November. We have only 5 days for this program and our main interest is to visit the zoos and Aquariums. So, which is the right city to go? Can anyone suggest Alaska Travel and Tourism information including transportation, hotels, attractions and flights? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  2. Andrew

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    My sister’s family have gone for Alaska tour and explored only the zoos in Alaska. They told me that Anchorage & the Kenai Peninsula are the best place for visiting zoos and aquarium. Nearly 180 species of birds have been seen on the refuge and come from four continents to breed rest or feed from April to July. There are no visitor fees. They enjoyed camping, fishing and hiking activities and explored the popular Swan Lake canoe trails and seen many kinds of wildlife in their natural habitat. Our family is also planning to go this year.
  3. vdg23

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    We spent 3 days in Seward and it was a worthy trip. The Res. bay cruises were great and we saw a lot of wildlife creatures. We really enjoyed the Sealife Center, especially my kids liked the sea lion. We have visited the Wildlife Center on this trip and had a train travel with so much of fun and relax. Alaska is a magnificent destination offering marvelous wildlife, excellent mountains, glacier-carved valleys and steep, rocky coastline. As a business man, my husband visit Alaska yearly once and he always choose the Anchorage Hawthorn Suites hotel to stay because it offers all the amenities of home and experience consistency, quality and comfort. The Museum, Captain Cook Monument, Egan Convention Center, AK Native Heritage Center, Alaska Zoo, Alyeska Ski Resort,Portage Glacier and Park Strip Adjacent are the nearby attractions to this hotel.
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    My wife's grandmother went to Alaska on a cruise and she said that it was the most beautiful place she has ever seen, and she visited quite a few places.
    I would definetely check it out someday with my family..


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