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Discussion in 'Portugal' started by mrbiglow, Aug 22, 2008.

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    hi all,

    We are in searching of something special to do at our Albufeira vacation. we will be in Portugal for 3 weeks and planning to spend 6 days at Albufeira, so need suggestions on place to stay and day trips in and around Albufeira. please advise the best thing to do there.
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    Hi, I was staying at Faro and visited Albufeira by bus (within 1 hr) and did a Albufeira day tour. First I walk down the streets and went on a day trip to Zoo Marine, it's one of the popular water parks of Portugal and has swimming pools, excellent rides, beautiful gardens and dolphin shows.

    If you are looking for a place to stay then the Bellavista hotel, the Sheraton Algarve and Falesia hotel are some of the best options, for more details visit Albufeira hotels page. In addition to the Zoo Marine, Albufeira has many attractions including the beach, historic city center, monuments, city walls and castle. I enjoyed the Albufeira's wonderful nightlife,if you are interested just visit the La Bamba and Mustang, which are two popular night spots. Also I love the dining at Portugal, I had Lagosta and Sapateira in one of the restaurants of Albufeira, oh! it was delicious. You can even try :)
    If you find time, then visit Faro and enjoy the place such as Carmo Church, Naval Museum and it's wonderful beach. Have a nice trip!
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    Albufeira day trip to Lagos

    there are lots of great trip opportunities from Albufeira to places like Lisbon, Seville, Lagos, Silves and Loule. We hired a car while in Albufeira to go to Lagos, though you can get the bus or book a coach tour (around $60) with tour companies like Ticket Shop. It's around 40 minutes by bus to most of these places so day trips are very doable.
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    If you head to to the shore rather than in town, you could enjoy some of the best beaches in the region. I'm sure you already know that. The diving is pretty good here, and the sunbathing is great. It makes perfect sense to add Portugal beaches to your Albufeira trip.

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