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    hey guys, can anyone suggest things to do in Albufeira, Portugal? we're there only for a week and i'd like to see and do as much as possible. Cheeers
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    The Old Town of Albufeira is where you can find the points with historical value such as the Bell Tower, the 19th Clock Tower, the Xorino Cave, etc.

    Apart from monuments, churches and so on, Albufeira is popular with water activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, etc. Praia da Galé is probably one of the best places to enjoy such activities.

    Scuba diving is another popular activity you can to experience the majestic and colorful reefs of the Algarve region and see underwater life such as octopuses, cuttlefish, etc.

    Another exciting and popular water activity is surfing. In fact, surfing in Portugal draws surfers from around the world due to its consistent waves which can range from six feet during the winter months and around four feet height during the summer months.

    Probably the best place that offers the right conditions for surfing are places such as Leira, Peniche, Ericeira and Lisbon.

    If you are a beginner looking to learn to surf in Portugal, I would suggest the Peniche in northern Portugal along the coast because of its north and south facing coastline making it a great place to learn to surf in Portugal


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