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Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by anewcomer, Feb 2, 2017.

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    Hi guys! Just so happy to share that my savings would finally let me set my foot on Las Vegas this August! However, I am down to two choices of online booking site. I've been checking and for quite some time now. They both look good but I'm a first timer! I feel so eager to know if anyone had book their travel within this sites? If so, can you tell me your stories? Or some tips and suggestion? I will be travelling with two of my college friends. Thanks in advance!
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    Hello, requires you to signup with email before even showing prices, thats a deal killer for me. is a Australian based company meta search company.

    I looked at Destination360 meta search product which displays inventory from
    Tripadvisor, Travelocity, Trivago,,, Kayak, and
    Las Vegas Hotels Search (the Compare Travel Sites and Save search box)

    I priced one luxury and one middle tier hotels for Feb 15-16th 2 guests. They priced almost identical at:
    Treasure Island $56 per night
    Cosmopolitan Hotel $210 per night, with Trivago displaying a special of $204

    Comparing Hotels Combined they priced out at
    Treasure Island $56 per night
    Cosmopolitan Hotel $204 after you click through and add taxes

    So my conclusion is for this search all meta search prices out about the same.
    It comes down to what company you would like to support.
    Of course we would love to have your business and always strive for personal support.

    Happy Travels
  3. shiningstarsf

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    Hi Dan,

    I am a travel agent and wanted to comment on your post regarding to this "hotelsdifferently requires you to signup with email before even showing prices, thats a deal killer for me."

    I assume that you don't work in the travel industry so I just wanted to give you some details about WHY a website (such as HotelsDifferently or others) would require you to sign up before even showing prices. The reason is very simple. Most hotel sites that have extremely good deals negotiated with the hotel directly or a wholesale provider (like HotelsDifferently) have contractual agreement they cannot break. The hotel only agrees to provide a price usually LOWER than on let's say HotelsCombined IF the site only display their pricing to its member base and not make it a "public knowledge". There are 2 reasons for that:

    REASON #1: Prestige and reputation. A hotel like "The Peninsula" cannot charge full rate on their site and they have a wholesale provider (like HotelsDifferently or membership based sites) all of a sudden provide it for 50% off. Nobody would go back to their site and on top of that it would tarnish their reputation.

    REASON #2: Have you ever read - in depth - a LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE disclosure? The reason why they ALL state "VALID ONLY FOR PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE SITES" is because many times they can NOT compete in terms of pricing with sites like HotelsDifferently (and others) because those sites don't display their prices publicly. This is how HotelsDifferently (and other sites like them) can beat Hotels / Booking / HotelsCombined's ...etc. pricing in many instances and this is how the big booking sites can get away with their lowest price guarantee while not REALLY providing you the lowest rates (in many instances).

    In conclusion HotelsDifferently (and other similar sites) can save you money, sometimes considerably, while if you stick with the big sites only, you either get lucky or not. Usually these membership sites charge $X / year for membership due to their thin profit margins and HotelsDifferently is offering it for free currently. As a travel agent, I use them fairly frequently for my clients due to their pricing and reliability and not to mention they have a very good user interface. If you are a savvy traveler OR a travel agent, it is easy. USE ALL RESOURCES AVAILABLE (publicly available and membership sites - especially when they are free) and go with whatever suits your travel needs the most.

    Safe travels to everyone!

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    I've worked in the online travel industry for 15 years and pretty good at sniffing out spammers. The person who started this thread is a spammer and we deleted them.
    I'll leave this thread active for now. If your associated with then please take your spam elsewhere. I stand by my statement regarding with some quick research I see them spamming many other forums.

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