Allegiant Air carry on fees

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Transportation: getting there and around' started by Danny, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    The low cost carrier - Allegiant Air - who is based in Las Vegas will begin charging for carry-on bags as of tomorrow (April 4). Allegiant Air haven't announced how much the carry-on fee will be but according to some internal sources we can expect a fee of around $35 to be charged per carry-on bag. This is surely not going to be a welcomed news, what are your thoughts? Anyother ideas on getting cheap flights to Vegas
  2. lowtide

    lowtide New Member

    more silly airline fees

    to be honest im not surprised Allegiant is making this move...just about all low-cost carriers do the same thing at some point....just look at Ryanair and their ridiculous toilette fees. anyways, I've always felt that passengers should pay for extra carry-ons but not checked bags...I guess now we pay for both which sucks!
  3. maritimekl

    maritimekl New Member

    airline fees need to take a hike

    great, this is just another absurd fee! I hope other airlines aren't taking notice of this move by Allegiant and start charging carry-on fees too. I agree also that they should make checked baggage free, and only charge a fee for extra big carry-ons...things like handbags, computer bags shouldn't count!

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