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    Are you vacationing to Kauai or Maui? The Kauai and Maui Humane societies are seeking vacationing Northwest residents to escort a dog or two to the mainland on their next trip. These transfer programs helps save lives by sending dogs to mainland shelters with more exposure and high adoption rates. Washington, Oregon and California shelters have a need for and actively look for dogs. This is a golden opportunity for the overcrowded Hawaiian shelter dogs to have a life rather than being euthanized.

    Wings of Aloha - Maui

    Aloha Escorts
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    The last time I was in Hawaii I did help out a local shelter (can't remember if it was this one) walk dogs and bathe puppies. It is nice to be able to escort a dog or cat, especially if it's going to save the shelter money. I wonder how much airfare it saves....

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