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Discussion in 'Italy' started by spycegirl, Feb 13, 2007.

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    If anyone is interested in going to the Amalfi Coast we offer a 6 day 7 night tour of the Amalfi Coast including the towns of Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Capri and many other excursions all by boat. The tour is very unique and unlike many of the larger tour companies. Instead of sightseeing by bus, this tour provides excursions all via sea. We provide 4 lunches, and 6 dinners in some of the finest restaurants on the coast.
    Please contact us at or visit
    We can also help you plan the rest of your trip.
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  2. wanderer

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    I'm sure the views are amazing. I would love to tour Italy by boat...too bad I don't have the $$ to pay for it. At least I can live vicariously through your pictures and tales here!
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    No doubt, the views is amazing. Travel by boat is even nicer!.
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    tour Amalfi Coast by ferry

    I wouldnt suggest renting a car to drive along the coast because the drive is not as easy as it seems with the sharp bends and all! I think the best way to experience the coast is by ferry because you'll get the better views from the water and get to stop at the various towns to explore.

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