Amana Colonies Iowa

Discussion in 'Iowa' started by cyberhandies, Jun 15, 2009.

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    hey guys, has anyone being to the Amana Colonies Iowa? what things are there to do? x
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    hi there,

    Amana Colonies Iowa is popular for its cuisine which include Schnitzel, strudel, sausages, and sauerkraut are among the popular German recipes, as well as cookies and other German pastries.

    Also, Amana Colonies wineries are a great past time and they specialize in the fruity wines that are famous in Germany made with ingredients from local orchards and vineyards. Hot, spiced apple cider is served during one of the state's premier events, Winterfest, occurring in January.

    Other things to do in the Amana Colonies include golfing at one of the top-rated 18-hole courses in the Midwest, and hiking in the lovely pastoral countryside.

    Hope this helps

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