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    Antigua is one of the best places in the world to see Frigate birds. These black seabirds have a wingspan up to eight feet long. They soar along the big blue sky and don't seem to mind when people come to watch. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary is one of the coolest places in Barbuda--and one of the few visitor attractions there. Check out this article if you want to see a picture of these great birds!
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    In case you don't know much about Frigate birds, I would suggest you check them out. They're really amazing birds have bright black feathers with red chests. They're quite striking with wingspans that can exceed 90 inches.
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    Frigate birds are amazing silent. I got to first see them at the Frigate bird sanctuary in Barbuda and was really struck by their wing span, which is huge, roughly the size of a tall person. The Frigate bird males have a red gular pouch that is inflated during the breeding season to attract the females. Really beautiful and mystic birds!
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    It's like the cardinals....the males are more colorful than the females. And you can tell the young ones by their white heads to go along with their white chests.
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    Never been there. But I wantes to visit one of these days..
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    Have you been there guys?

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