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Discussion in 'Peru' started by christopher8922, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. christopher8922

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    Just got back from a trip to Peru, Chile and Argentina and it was magnificent. I booked through Latin America for Less and thought they were very good, even if our train was delayed because of some strikes.

    A few highlights: Machu Picchu (of course), Sacred Valley, Arequipa and Puerto Maldonado. The history behind everything blew me away and everything exceeded my expectations.

    I'm already missing Peru, especially the nice people and the amazing food!

  2. jimmymo

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    three month holiday in South America

    Cool! how long did you go for? I have done south america too but in a few trips rather than one like most people do. Did you find it overwhelming having to be on the move constantly? my favorite sights I got to see in south america were the nasca lines, colca canyon, Punta Arenas, the floating islands of lake titcaca, Manu Reserve, Torres del Paine National Park and Copacabana to name a few.
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    what's your favorite Peruvian food?

    Most people go to Peru to do the Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu, but as far as I am concerned peruvian food is gotta one of the top 3 highlights of traveling to the country. Did you manage to try the tasty sandwich milk cookies called "Alfajores" (I couldn't enough of them!). I remember also trying a lovely drink called "Inca Cola" (Mountain dew-like color but less sweet).

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