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    Amazon's process for reporting infringement is ridiculous. It's clear they don't care about dealing with copyright and put in roadblocks to make to difficult for a copyright holder to get a Copyright DMCA takedown completed.

    Destination360's copyrighted image is being used on a product Amazon is selling. Destination360's Copyright Specialist sends them a Copyright compliant with all the proper documentation and we receive this back below. It contains no copy of the submission so no way to track what filing we may have sent.

    The copyright holder can only guess what filing it may have been. And if you guess the wrong one then the process starts all over. By the way this took more than 10 days to get a reply.

    From: Amazon
    Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2019 9:34 AM
    To: Destination360
    Subject: Your Notice to Amazon Requires Additional Information


    Thank you for submitting your notice.

    We have been unable to verify that you are the rights owner or their agent.

    Please resubmit your original notice through the Report Infringement form ( - Report Infringement) and include the following information below in the Additional Information field. If you have submitted multiple notices, you will only need to resubmit one of the notices with this additional information. If you are the Rights Owner and submitter, you do not need to include the duplicate fields. Registered Agents must complete the fields for themselves and the Rights Owner.

    Please also include Verification Code: avr-a1bs14u63ylcby at the beginning of your submission. Failure to include the verification code will result in your notice being rejected.

    • Are you the Owner of the Intellectual Property or an Authorized Agent:
    • Your Company Name:
    • Your Name (First and Last name):
    • Your Job Title:
    • Your Phone Number:
    • Available Contact Day and Time:
    • Rights Owner Business Name:
    • Rights Owner Contact Name (First and Last name):
    • Rights Owner Job Title:
    • Rights Owner Phone Number:
    • Rights owner Address:
    • Rights Owner URL:
    • VAT Reg. No.:
    Additionally, please include the information from your initial complaint for review.

    Once we receive the information above, we will investigate your notice within 1 to 2 business days.

    Complaint ID: 5638425472

    Amazon Customer Trust and Partner Support[​IMG]
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    I'm still working on this one.

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