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Discussion in 'Flights' started by slone, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Most interesting one i noticed while booking tickets to the Caribbean was American Airliness pricing for one person was about $300 but then when I priced the same flight for two people the price went up by $20.

    So i went back to book two single tickets and when selecting seats to get the original price we would have to take middle seats and not sit together. So I bought one middle and one window. the window cost me an extra $10 but we were able to sit together and I save $10 each way.
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    that's one of the reasons I hate flying now a days. AA always trying to rob passengers who are unaware. Worse is that now they even have the nerve to charge folks who want to sit together with their loved ones. Did you hear AA had loose seats mid-flight, again! Bad luck or is AA's aircraft maintenance poor?
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    I dont think AA is any worse than the other major airlines. In terms of delays and cancellations American Airlines is in par with Delta, Southwest, United and US Airways. They all cancelled flights to and from NY because of Sandy, and American Airlines is the only one who has resumed flights at New York airports. By the way, that thing about loose seats, sounds more like sabotage to me. how on earth seats can get losen? Not even old airplanes get this issue..
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    what booking engine did yo use? the reason for the fluctuation in prices is because airlines such as AA feed their available seats and prices into several central reservation systems. Airlines change their prices according to demand so if a certain flight is selling well, the price will increase and viceversa. Also, the central reservation systems are updated many times throughout the day, which will explain the $20 increase.

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