American US Airways Merger

Discussion in 'Flights' started by wanderer, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    The world's biggest airline is on its way, if the federal government gives its okay. American, deeply into bankruptcy, needed to the merger for a new start. In fact, it's creditors will own 72% of the new company.

    If this goes through, some 75% of U.S. flights will be operated by the four big airlines.

    Anyone see more problems on the horizon?
  2. dlatonJr

    dlatonJr New Member

    Indeed! Not only that but because of less competition you can sure expect traveling to get more expensive and awful. All I gotta say is that we better brace ourselves because we all know what's going to happen. When a few corporations/ private bankers control everything, it means more for them and less for the rest of us..the 1% club ring a bell?
  3. SmithKL

    SmithKL New Member

    the merger will make the economy worse

    Mergers are not designed to benefit customers but to fatten up the control of corporations over travelers. I foresee that whole terminals at many international airports will become abandoned since the merger and this will mean thousands of jobs lost.
  4. PR-GH

    PR-GH New Member

    I second what's being said on this thread about mergers. No doubt there'll be higher ticket prices ahead because of less supply and higher demand, as well as rising fuel prices, etc.

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