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    Flying soon to Amsterdam and I was looking for suggestions on Amsterdam day trips? any ideas anyone? many thanks
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    hi there,

    Traveling the canals is one of the best Amsterdam day trips around. Amsterdam tours of the canals are a fun way of riding in a boat, as well as the chance to see some neat landmarks along the way.

    If you book a museum canal trip, your tours in Amsterdam by boat will last the better part of a day. Amsterdam tours of strictly the canal will last a couple of hours.

    Another of the more popular day trips from Amsterdam is the 30 minute drive to the city of Utrecht. Utrecht has a host of interesting historical buildings and things to do all its own, including the Centraal Museum and the Domtoren and enormous cathedral with the tallest tower in the Netherlands.

    Hope this helps
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    during your day trip visit Amsterdam museums, enjoy at canals and parks also. These are the best for your day trip. Keep enjoy

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