Amsterdam red light district

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by wellbewellbe, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. wellbewellbe

    wellbewellbe New Member

    A few buddies of mine are planning a trip to the Netherlands and we primarily going there to check out Amsterdam red light district.. I hear that drugs, marijuana is legal that still the case? what about bars?
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    Not all drugs are legalized. Marijuana is definitely legal and available throughout the country, though nowhere is it as common as in Amsterdam Red light district.

    Coffee shops is where you will be able to get every form of marijuana, whether sold pre-rolled in vending machines or from a multitude of shop employees, there is hardly a kind of weed that exists that cannot be had at any of the coffee shops in Amsterdam.

    You can also order a variety of pot brownies, space cake or marijuana-infused tea, if you prefer not to smoke it.

    Amsterdam smart shops also sell marijuana and other smoking paraphernalia along with a wide variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms and pills if you're looking to try those.
  3. Elina

    Elina New Member

    Yes, indeed. It is still legal. Even mushrooms are legal over there. You just go to a shop called "smart shop" and get some. Though they are allowed to be sold "for botanical use only". The funny thing is that you can usually find a manual on every box how to consume them :).

    As far the weed thing, I highly recommend the Bluebird shop. They've got just awesome stuff.
  4. Talia Stone

    Talia Stone New Member

    I am agree with Jenna, Marijuana is a legal drug there and easily available in Red light district of Amsterdam

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