Amsterdam to Bruges

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    When visiting Amsterdam, I'd suggest adding to your itinerary a visit to Bruges. Why Bruges? Bruges is where the film "In Bruges" was filmed, which is no wonder as the town is so very beautiful. The only thing with traveling to Bruges is that it isn't really a day trip as it takes 4 hrs to get there from Amsterdam. Best to plan to stay 1-2 nights there, then come back. Well worth it!
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    Amsterdam to Bruges by train

    By train you will need to use the Belgian Railway from Amsterdam to Antwerp, and change trains there to Bruges. Train ticket cost 50 euros and there's no reservation necessary. Just turn up on the day, buy the ticket and hop on the next train. Really easy!
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    Amsterdam to Bruges by Bus

    The train is easy and fast but the bus can be fun. The International coach between Amsterdam and Bruges takes five hours, but is much cheaper at around $40 round trip ticket. You book tickets through Eurolines, while the bus stop is located outside of Amsterdam Amstel Station. The Bruges stop is located at Busstation De Lijn on Stationsplein.

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