Amtrak discount train tickets?

Discussion in 'Travel News' started by wanderer, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Is there a way to find Amtrak discount train tickets? The prices aren't too bad on the amtrak website, but I'm wondering if there are more places to get them for Amtrak.
  2. Loogle

    Loogle New Member

    AAA Amtrak discount

    if you sign up with the American Automobile Association (AAA) you a member, you and your immediate family will get 10% discount on the lowest available adult rail fare for Amtrak travel. By the way, seniors and kids between 2 and 15 years do get 50% off on standard adult fair on most trains.
  3. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    That's a great way to save on Amtrak. It costs me $80 a year to be a member, and then you get the famous road service. They changed my tire on the highway on Labor Day and that was worth every penny!
  4. Qaretop

    Qaretop New Member

    Where to find Amtrak specials

    The first place I would suggest looking for deals is on Amtrak's "latest promotions" and "weekly specials" pages, which features some good deals from Tuesday through Friday each week. Most specials are categorized by region and deals change weekly, so you gotta keep checking. Most special deals are between 20%-30% off, though I once found an offer of 50% off so it pays to check.
  5. karlinlee

    karlinlee New Member

    We've found so many Amtrak discounts that we're segmenting them by region. You're likely to find discounts for most popular routes with two gaping exceptions: There aren't many discounts for the east-to-west cross-country routes, and there aren't many discounts specifically for New York City.
  6. albimorkel

    albimorkel New Member

    Hi I am Martina
    That's an excellent way to preserve on Amtrak. It expenses me $80 a season to be a participant, and then you get the popular street assistance. They modified my wheel on the street on Work Day and that was value every penny!That's an excellent way to preserve on Amtrak.
  7. albimorkel

    albimorkel New Member

    The first position I would recommend looking for offers is on Amtrak's "latest promotions" and "weekly specials" webpages, which functions some discounted prices from Wednesday through Saturday each week

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