Andes Mountains in Bolivia

Discussion in 'Bolivia' started by batt34, Mar 16, 2010.

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    hi guys,

    we are planning a a trip to La Paz Bolivia and plan to hike and climb the Andes Mountains surrounding the city..what advice have you got for us and what are the popular peaks around there? thanks
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    hi there,

    When you get there, my advice would be that before you attempt climbing the mountains you allow your body to acclimatize to the altitude before attempting any kind of climb.

    Some of the popular Andes Mountains include:

    - the Cordillera Real of the Royal Mountain Range is very popular for its unparalleled views of Bolivia.

    - the Huayana Potosi is one of the most popular peaks to climb in Bolivia and it's only a half days' hike from La Paz.

    - the Illimani mountain have seven peaks and it is one of the highest of all the mountains in the Cordillera Real. There are a number of easy trails that will take you to the top but be sure to give yourself a few days to take in the climb and savor the lovely alpine setting.

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