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Discussion in 'Bahamas' started by FordHenry, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. FordHenry

    FordHenry New Member

    This May, we'll be looking to arrange a trip to the Bahamas, but this time to some other location other than Nassau...what types of accommodation are available in Andros Island?
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Andros Island accommodation options include villa rental, resorts and hotels. Andros hotels are located in all three major towns on the east side of Andros Island, though if you are looking for budget hotels you will find them in the heart of the cities.

    Resorts in Andros will usually be an all-inclusive package, which isn't bad since you will have food and beverages supplied and included in the cost of your hotel room. Be sure to check though the resort's policy regarding children on most websites or by calling the hotel directly.

    Villa rentals are great if you want privacy and tranquillity, and are located tucked away in quite areas.
  3. maidana

    maidana New Member

    hey Danny, How does one get to Andros Island from Nassau? Is there a ferry or only a flight? The reason Im asking is because I booked rooms in Andros a while back, and now I can't seem to find flights to Andros this possible> please help!
  4. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    That's strange as there is at least 2 airports in Andros Island. Either way, your hotel should be able to help you find your way to Andros. Check their website and/or call them to find out how they suggest getting to Andros from Nassau.

    By the way, going through Nassau is not the only way to get to Andros island. When I went to Andros, I flew Watermakers Air from Florida, and they cover Congo Town and Fresh Creek/Andros Town, so it might cover other parts of Andros as well.

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