Angel Falls

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    One of the world's great wonders, Angel Falls have the distinction of being the largest waterfalls in the world. They're nestled in Canaima National Park. People have many ways of exploring Angel Falls on foot, by plane, and by boat.
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    Angel Falls: wonder of the world

    Angel Falls should be the 8th or 9th wonder of the world! These falls are truly amazing and are the most underrated natural attraction in south america. You feel transported to another planet and another age while you ride the Carrao river and hike through the jungle on your way to the Angels Fall. I'd recommend seeing this falls over the Iguazzu falls any day!
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    With so many great places in this world, it seems a shame to whittle the list down to seven wonders. It's not often you can hike through the jungle and find some amazing waterfalls.
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    Re: Angel Falls: wonder of the world


    This was easily one of the most magical trips I have ever taken, and that is a fact.

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