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Discussion in 'Anguilla' started by mitraveler, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Anguilla rarely seems to top the list of people's dream vacations to the Caribbean, but it sure is a charmer. Why do you think more people don't go there? Have you been to the island? What places would recommend for Anguilla travel?
  2. Saltare

    Saltare New Member

    I haven't been to Anguilla but it seems like a very sleepy island. Anguilla is super tiny..I don;t think they would be much to do there for the average traveller. I maybe mistaken but that's the idea i've always had about Anguilla. Just not exciting enough.
  3. Reaching44

    Reaching44 New Member

    Anguilla is expensive

    People do travel though you kinda need to have deep pockets. Most places to stay in Anguilla are of the luxury resort hotel variety, though there are no real all inclusive hotels there. Mostly private villas and condos to be found there.

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