Antigua’s best beaches

Discussion in 'Antigua and Barbuda' started by duoitp9, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. duoitp9

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    I'm told there are over 300 beaches on Antigua, and most of them rest inside the calm waters of the Caribbean side. Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay are the most popular beach locations on the island and so the most crowded. If you want less crowds, best you head to the southwest corner of Antigua to Fryes Bay, Darkwood Beach, and the beaches around Johnsons Point.
  2. dundepine2

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    Darkwood Beach is a beautiful secluded beach with turquoise clear water. This beach is the perfect chill out beach for first time visitors to Antigua as it's only a just a short drive south of Jolly Harbour.
  3. dunkans

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    To be honest, all the beaches there are nice. It's more like a preference thing but really is down to the individual. If you want quite without crowds avoid hawksbill beaches, pigeon point beach and long bay beach.
  4. dannyspastics

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    Well to be truly honest with you guys, all the beeches are amazing and i can't figure out which is the best of best.

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