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    My husband and I are planning on visiting anigua in a couple of months. I need some suggestions on where to go to rent a room or a house in antigua. Can you also direct me to a good informational site regarding hiking and spending time exploring antigua and surrounding places. Thanks Cheryl
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    Hi Cheryl,

    Antigua is one of the most visited tourists destinations in Guatemala so there is a wide variety of accommodations from Hotels to Hostels.

    Be aware, that the month of March is Semana Santa or “Holy week” in Antigua so make sure you make your reservations well in advanced.

    An excellent choice would be the 5-star Casa Santo Domingo Hotel located close to Antigua’s city town and situated within driving distance of Guatemala City (around 1 hours driving time).

    There is so much to see in Guatemala from the Mayan ruins and steaming volcanoes, to beautiful jungles and beaches.

    Make sure you book a Guatemalan tour to be able to explore Guatemala to the fullest. Also, you will be able to hike the famous Pacaya Volcano which is an active volcano that has been experiencing volcanic activity.

    Please have a look at this link for more information on renting and hiking:

    Hope this helps
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    Hi, welcome to Guatemala. I recommend you Candelaria hotel. It actually depends on your budget, you can check (magazine with listing of hotels in Antigua Guatemala, Guate city, Honduras, etc.) download the pdf and browse it, it is very complete.

    As for things to do in Antigua Guatemala, the historic ruins are a must see!, also depending on your condition you can take a volcano hike. Usually, visitors stay at Antigua and then head to Quetzaltenango or Tikal.

    There are many things to do and see, welcome and enjoy.

    * Trust me, there are many many hotels, one in every block (almost) and from US$20 as a good minimum of comfort. Also pricey and luxury hotels.

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