Anyone going to Fantasy Fest 2016?

Discussion in 'Florida' started by hunter5247, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. hunter5247

    hunter5247 New Member

    I have been 4 times but not since I moved back to KY from FL. Looking for someone or a group tp share hotel costs with. I will provide any info to show I'm not crazy, well not totally crazy,lol. Fantasy fest is the most stress relieving times I have ever had
  2. Hitchcock

    Hitchcock New Member

    The theme for 2016 is "Political Voodoo and Ballot Box Barbarians"...and I am still trying to figure what costumes relate to that theme.

  3. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    FF 2016 would have been my 14th Fantasy Fest since 1999 but I will likely be in Australia in October so I will probably miss it.

    Just today in Key West there was a newspaper article about increased enforcement of non-nudity for FF 2016 and surprisingly, Fantasy Fest "lost" money for the 3rd straight year but the retailers are not complaining.

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