Anything new in Washington, D.C.?

Discussion in 'Washington DC' started by mitraveler, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I'm thinking about another trip to D.C. this fall. I've seen the monuments and Smithsonians and want to do something else. Any suggestions for overlooked gems or new exhibits, museums, tours, etc. Would what you recommend for a September/October visit to Washington D.C.?
  2. enemygates

    enemygates New Member

    Anyone going to DC should really want to avoid the tourist traps and most certainly avoid driving. The way the city is divided and constructed into the four quadrants with street addresses being numbers and letters which makes it a nightmare for driving and getting around. The Capitol sits at the center of the quadrants, even though it is not at the center of the city, so Northwest is the largest area. The boundaries of each quadrant are North Capitol Street, South Capitol Street, East Capitol and the National Mall.
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Besides the pandas at the National Zoo? :) There are a number of exhibits. The National Gallery of Art is hosting "Civic Pride: Group Portraits from Amsterdam" Until March 11, 2017. The Postal Museum's "World of Stamps" continues through 2023 (!), and "Apollo to the Moon" continues at the National Air and Space Museum through August, 2017. The Freer Sackler Gallery is focusing on Whistler through the fall of this year. There's a lot going on the museums right now. Anything else?
  4. DimitryJok

    DimitryJok New Member

    if you want an experience that mixes old art, new art and a cool building design, check out the National Portrait Gallery!
  5. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Thanks for the tips, y'all! After my first trip to DC, we learned the hard way to keep the car at the hotel. I did hear that the Smithsonian is opening the National Museum of African American History and Culture this fall. If I'm able to visit, I'll let you know about it.
  6. DimitryJok

    DimitryJok New Member

    September 24 will be the opening day. Crazy to think this museum was conceived in 2003, yet it was only in 2011 when construction began.

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