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    I’ve been searching on one of those websites where you can buy or rent Buenos Aires apartments. Those apartments look good! Could you imagine it? Having an apartment in Argentina, a warm country where you can go to every time you want! My cousin wanted to go to Australia work and travel and is doing that at the moment there. She told me that her international friend had one of those apartments in Buenos Aires and that they went there for around 2 weeks. She said it was great and maybe an idea for me, the person that really loves to travel around! But I want to look for some more destinations; do you have any ideas for apartments you can rent in other countries? Thank you!
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    Hi there,

    Renting a holiday apartment in Thailand would give you the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to this unique and exciting country in southeast Asia - holiday apartments in Thailand are being highly sought after due to their location.

    Holiday apartments in Thailand offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury and if sun and warmth is what you are after then this is the place for you.

    Today Thailand has a population of 54 million people, the vast majority of whom are of Thai ethnicity.

    Buddhism is the dominant religion in Thailand, although a variety of tribal religions continue to be practiced. Thailand's people regard their royal family with a respect bordering on awe. The main language in Thailand is Thai, although Lao, Chinese, Malay and English are also spoken by significant numbers of people.

    Hope this helps

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