applying for a tourist visa for Cape Verde

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    Anyone traveling to Cape Verde needs a visa to enter the Islands. The cost for a tourist visa for people traveling from the UK is around £45 (around $72 for US citizens). You can do it all online, though you will need a minimum of 3 weeks before you travel, or you can get one at whichever airport you land in Cape Verde (Sal, Boa Vista, Praia or S. Vicente airports). Saying this, I wouldn't suggest getting the visa at the airport because of queues and possible issues.
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    best way to get visa for Cape Verde

    This is true but to correct one thing... getting the tourist visa when you arrive at the airport is cheaper. In fact, it's half price (around €26) what you would play if you had to apply for it through the embassy before your trip. Other than that, you could apply for a visa through Thomson or Portland tour operators if you're booking your holiday with them. Personally, I'd get one at the airport because it is less hassle and, of course, cheaper;)
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    get visa for Cape Verde at airport

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the visa is going to increase next year January from 25 Euros to probably double for what I understand. Oh by the way, be wary of applying for a visa online from any operator...Im hearing stories of scams and/or terribly-run businesses that won't send a visa after paying. Safer bet is to get at the airport like the last poster suggested. Good luck:)
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    uk tourists traveling to Cape Verde

    I wanted to let other travelers from the uk know that british nationals do need a visa to enter Cape Verde, which you cannot get in the uk because there's no Cape Verde Embassy in the UK, which is a bit weird because it's actually located in Brussels. The adress is as follows: Ambassade du Cap-Vert, Avenue Jeanne 29, 1050 Bruxelles.

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