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Discussion in 'Travel News' started by gurum, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. gurum

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    Applying for a Schengen visa is not as straight forward as you may think because each country that issues them have their rules. A bit like applying for a country passport. Basically, you apply for the Schengen visa at the embassy of the country that is part of the Schengen zone.Be sure you get the timing right because while you are in the Schengen country/zone you can't apply to extend your visa.
  2. Dooperphoic

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    Schengen visas are so complex is almost a joke. Your maximum stayin any of the countries zone is 90 days per 180 days, which means that if you use up all the 90 days, you have to leave the Schengen area for 90 days. Best you check the website of the respective Schengen countries for the specific visa requirements they have.
  3. MikeMachida

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    As with any visas, I suggest applying ahead of time. It shouldn't take more than 10 days for you to get one but it can sometimes take up to 60 days. The fee for a Schengen or transit visa is €60 for adults and half price for children under 12.
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    I am not sure but my Schengen Visa was stamped in another country. That is the reason for the lengthy processing.

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