Apra Harbor Overlook

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    Many of Guam's tourist attractions--and one of its most scenic locales--are found at Apra Harbor. This cool place, located on the Western shore of the island,played an important role in Guam's history. A military memorial honors the place where the country was liberated during World War II. Marines stormed the island and brought about a change in Apra Harbor history.A visit to the Marianas Military Museum also helps share this story. You'll also find plenty of chances to go scuba diving. Because there have been so many shipwrecks in the area, the diving is quite interesting.
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    Wow, that picture with the link is pretty amazing. I can see why this is one the most popular tourist attractions in Guam.
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    Apra Harbor Overlook is one of the best lookout points in the pacific imo...I visit this spot on a biking tour and it was memorable especially knowing that from this vantage point you can glimpse the harbour just like the Japanese soldiers did when the Americans invaded the island.
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    What else did you see on your biking tour? I hear that's a great way to sightsee.

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