Aquatica San Diego

Discussion in 'California' started by lucisboat, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. lucisboat

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    Here it's some tips for making a visit to Aquatica memorable:

    1) Buy tickets online to benefit from the online offer of Buy one adult ticket, Get Child ticket free.
    2) Instead of buying individual drinks, buy a refillable glass (it goes a long way!)
    3) Food is pricey so bring your own
    4) Lines are long so make sure you stay hydrated and apply suntan
    5) Arrive earlier so you can get to ride faster.
    6) I mentioned earlier that food in Aquatica San Diego is pricey. Well, don't get food from cabana waitress as it's too expensive (best you wait in line)
  2. welosetosome

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    SeaWorld Orlando is better

    Aquatica San Diego isn't what it's hyped up to be. I was expecting it to be like SeaWorld Orlando in Florida, which is part of the same property, but nope it just feels like any other water park....nothing really special like SeaWorld Orlando.
  3. JulioI00

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    Aquatica's biggest mistake was not to choose a better location to build up the park. It is much smaller than the other Sea World water parks and not really worth the admission price. I would never take out of town guests there!

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