Arashi Beach is the nicest beach in Aruba

Discussion in 'Aruba' started by kookoo, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. kookoo

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    Arashi Beach is for me the nicest and best beach in Aruba. It is clean and it's an excellent beach for swimming and snorkeling. You can also hire sunbeds there if you want one. I spent 10 days in Aruba, and mostly spent it at Arashi Beach.
  2. 007bonny

    007bonny New Member

    yes this beach is pretty but has no facilities and NO bathrooms. Saying this, I'd agree Arashi is probably the best spot for snorkeling in Aruba (there's an unbelievable number and varieties of fish you will see when snorkeling here)
  3. fderex

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    best beach in Aruba

    I loved Eagle Beach the most when I was there because of its location at the intersection of the cross-island road, which is lined up with hotels, restaurants, bars and hotels. Saying this, the beaches along the south/east side of the island are generally prettier.
  4. KalistoFlockhart

    KalistoFlockhart New Member

    I think the "best beach" is a personal preference so to classify a beach in Aruba as "the best beach" is kind difficult. The best beach really comes down to what you want to do and who you are traveling with. Baby Beach is nice for kids; while Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are the touristy ones.

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