Arawak Indians in Jamaica

Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by mitraveler, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Since it was just Columbus Day yesterday, it got me thinking about the new world he came to. The Arawak Indians were already well established on these Caribbean islands. They called the island the "land of wood and water." Local tour companies can take you a tour of the island and explain its early inhabitants. Every time you enjoy the scenery or eat some of the local dishes, you'll be connecting with the influence of the Arawaks.
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    Arawak culture is also easy to find in Aruba (my favorite island...I haven't been, but it's atop my list).

    The pre-Columbian Arawak Indians left their footprints in many places, and today's visitors can see their traces while visiting some of the most extensive cave systems in the Caribbean.

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