Are cruise ships safe?

Discussion in 'Cruises' started by mitraveler, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    After the Italian cruise ship disaster, we just need to ask: are cruise ships safe?

    I know it's pretty rare, but it is really scary to hear about what happened in Italy. What do you think?
  2. Mr.TJr

    Mr.TJr New Member

    costa concordia cruise ship disaster

    yeah, it's like plane accidents, they're rare but devastating when they happen..For what I heard about the italian cruise, costa concordia is offering compensation but the survivors want t sue the cruise liner. To be honest, I probably wouldn't accept their offer either.
  3. JMM2

    JMM2 New Member

    ship passengers sue for damages

    I hope they don't get greedy and sue for silly things because they won't get a penny. If they just stick to the facts they have a winning case. There are multiple recordings that show negligence from respectable sources, and the captain didn't do his job.
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    It does sound like the captain was not doing his job and he wasn't even following course. But that said, that is one sad case. Many cruises depart every day and head out onto the open water, full of happy passengers. Most people who step aboard cruises return home safely.
  5. SeriusBlaxk

    SeriusBlaxk New Member

    cruise ships and captains

    to be honest, I don't get how in this day and age cruises keep sinking the way Costa Concordia cruise ship did..haven't they learnt from Titanic? What's even worse is the cowardice of the captain..the guys abandoned the ship before all the passengers and crew were evacuated.
  6. telefunkunk

    telefunkunk New Member

    fuel spilling

    I hear SeriusBlaxk...what's even worse is that the Giglio shoreline may become an environmental disaster because of the tonnes of fuel that it's still spilling from the hulk of the Costa Concordia, which is still lying on its side.
  7. southernComforto

    southernComforto New Member

    italian cruise ship disaster

    as far as i know about the italian cruise ship disaster it was the passengers, not the captain, who informed the mainland that the ship was in trouble...whats even more worrying is that when the coast guard phoned the captain he failed to mention that the ship had a huge gash down the side. If he had told the truth then the Coast Guard would have sent lifeboats which may well have saved everyone's life.
  8. specialtea

    specialtea New Member

    2500 years for captain?

    I heard that the captain was drinking when the accident took place, which is probably why he lied to the coast guards...anyone heard that may get 2500 years in prison if convicted? what do you guys think? why 2500 years? I think 40 years in prison will do...don;t know of a prisoner who's ever lived past 2000 years...
  9. jeffr

    jeffr New Member

    I've been on 5 cruises. Best vacations ever! YES...they are safe!
  10. Shaynes89

    Shaynes89 New Member

    They're perfectly safe most of the time so I wouldn't worry.
  11. egyptexcursions

    egyptexcursions New Member

    well cruises are safe. Such accidents like Italian cruise disaster are happened very rare. such accidents are happened only when people ignore some basic rules.

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