Are vacation rentals better than hotels?

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by wanderer, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I've always been dreaming about a place on the beach....a big rambly house. But it makes me nervous because I don't know how to find a rental or what I'll get. What do you think: Are vacation rentals better than hotels?
  2. WorldWER

    WorldWER New Member

    vacation rentals and hotels

    the thing i like about hotels is that it’s easy to make hotel reservations, though hotels aren't always the best way to enjoy a vacation. I also like the idea of a big rambly house by the beach, though one of the things that puts me off is rental agreements...if something breaks, not cleaned, etc
  3. radiotulip

    radiotulip New Member

    vacation rentals better than hotels?

    i think that if you have a big family with you that would require a few hotel rooms, a vacation rental would be a big bargain. However, like the other poster said there can be little issues like the cleaning fee required for most rentals.
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I never even thought about a cleaning fee...that's nicely built into the cost of a hotel rental.
  5. likeyouya'

    likeyouya' New Member

    that's right! 24-hour room service, cleaning and cooking is already included in a hotel but i still prefer vacation rentals. You get more space and you won't have to be cooped up inside a hotel room because you made the mistake of booking the wrong type of hotel....
  6. tempa456

    tempa456 New Member

    vacation rentals are lovely

    those are exactly my thoughts "likeyouya".. vacation rentals give you privacy as well, things like swimming pools or hot tubs, which add to your living area and make the whole experience that much nicer than hanging out in the hotel lounge.

  7. SeriusBlaxk

    SeriusBlaxk New Member

    vacation rentals save you money

    i think vacation rentals are a sound option in these recessionary times..You save money, which is what everyone wants from a vacation, right? if you're a party of 5 or 6 people, a vacation rental is a real bargain when you consider how many hotel rooms you would have to book in order to accommodate your whole crew.
  8. gecko

    gecko New Member

    I'd always opt for a vacation rental over a hotel - unless i am only staying one night.

    Why? The luxury of space, full facilities, a fully equipped kitchen (a must for me as i enjoy cooking local foods!) and the ability to blend into the community.

    I also feel that holiday rentals give a much more authentic sense of place and personality, which anodyne hotels and resorts can't do!
  9. allenparker

    allenparker New Member

    Vacation rentals are the best option to have more fun. We may have many facilities in the vacation rentals but we can't stay for a longer period, since the cost would be little bit high when compared to hotels.
  10. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    I live in Florida but when I go to the beach for a weekend, I'll stay at a hotel. For a longer stay, a nice cottage on the beach is my first choice. All the amenities of home without the noise and traffic at a hotel. Plus, for large groups, a vacation rental saves money. A nice B&B is also an option.
  11. AgnesRiley

    AgnesRiley New Member

    When I was a kid, my parents always got us a rental, cause it was cheaper than a hotel. It was a bit of a pain for my mum, cause there was no room service nor anyone cleaning after ourselves, so she often complained she got to the end of the holidays more tired than before. My parents nowadays go to a hotel, they feel more pampered that way.
  12. Lkay

    Lkay New Member

    I think vacation rentals are better...I've always stayed in them with my family, and they are often generally much nicer and much cheaper than hotels.
  13. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    It really depends on how many are going to be staying, what you want to do, if you like crowds and noise you'll experience at a hotel. I've stayed in a big rambly house on Anna Maria Island, a private cottage on Treasure Island a private mountain cabin in the North Carolina mountains along with numerous hotels. The house, cottage, and cabin were great because of the privacy and no noise or crowds. The hotels are great because someone else cleans up! At the end of the day, I prefer a private rental. Each has good points.
  14. lusylaw

    lusylaw New Member

    I reside in California but when I go to the seaside for a few days, I'll stick with a resort. For a more time remain, a awesome bungalow on the seaside is my first option. All the services of home without the disturbance and visitors at a resort. Plus, for huge categories, a holiday lease helps you to save money. A awesome B&B is also an option.
  15. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I like that you've brought up bed and breakfast inns. They seem like a good middle road. You get some of the privacy with some of the benefits of having an inn keeper to help with the clean up, food and keeping everything nice for your summer beach vacations or what have you.
  16. holidayguy

    holidayguy New Member

    Even i think vacation rentals are the best way to hang out when there is a big crowd..but considering the expense,we would rather go for hotels..
  17. brightsuntravel

    brightsuntravel New Member

    wow! that's nice post. Thanks for sharing practical experience with us.
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  18. betty30

    betty30 New Member

    Vacation rental is cheap and full of all other amenities like kitchen, jacuzzi, mini bar etc. Moreover, more than one person can live here.
  19. betty30

    betty30 New Member

    Vacation Rental costs very less in comparison to hotels and full of all luxurious amenities.
  20. betty30

    betty30 New Member

    Yes, vacation rental is a little bit costly but full of other luxurious amenities. Enjoy your vacation!

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